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I really enjoy performing for audiences composed of young children.
Below are some photos from Over The Rainbo Child Development Center.

Here are some responses from the kids at The University Of Utah Child Development Center. When Asked, "What magic trick did you like the best? And how do you think Timothy did it?

Mitchell- "I liked when he did the picture page because we drew the pictures with magic."

Alex- "When he gave Jack the magic wand and it kept breaking. The wand was already cut apart and he could balance it but Jack couldn't"

Jane- "I liked the showlaces that he turned colors. He did it by having one already in his hand and he pulled it out but I don't know how he make them disappear."

Abby- "I liked it when he blew the scarves into his mouth. He blowed it the way it went into his mouth."

Claire- "My favorite trick was when Jack held the balloon and the magician pulled it and Jack hit him in the bum. He did it by stretching it too far and Jack let it go."

West- "The rope magic trick and Jack kept breaking the rope. It was because the rope just kept coming unglued."

Caitlin- "I liked when the scarf went into his mouth and he said oh, what is this doing in my mouth?"

Miguel- "I liked what he did, like he had Jack hit him in the bum with a balloon."

Zach T.- "I liked it when he, um, he made us balloons by blowing them up."

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