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The lights go out, the music starts and suddenly the usual boring conference room gets a whole lot more interesting as The Magic Of Timothy takes center stage.

Hi, I'm Timothy, and if you chose to visit this page the chances are your normal work schedule has just been invaded with the nervous responsibility of finding the right entertainment for your next company party. You're in luck, I'm here to help. I have created a few different types of shows that are perfect for the average company party. They're fun, professional and just the right touch to make your company's event memorable.

The best description for my show would be a comedy magic, juggling and illusion show. The main difference between me and the other professional magicians in Utah, is the scale of my show, I have the largest show in Utah. Sure I can do a great stand up comedy magic show and if that's what you need, I'll be happy to oblige. But, if you have the space and the budget, I'd much rather add some large illusions and turn the stand up comedy show into a theatrical presentation. When an audience sees not only great comedy, but also sees stuff like the Origami Sword Box, fire juggling and the magician impaled in our Tubed Out illusion. They leave feeling like they have seen something extraordinary!

To help create a theatrical event that's spectacular, we like to take control of all the elements surrounding the show. We travel with our own sound and lighting system and this enables us to transform the regular banquet hall into something that feels more like a theater.

Even though my favorite show to bring is the massive illusion show, it's not right for every event. If there are space or budget constraints, I can easily scale down the size of the show to match your particular needs. When choosing a show, one of the main factors to think about is the size of the room. If you are in a small room seated around tables there's probably not a very large performing area so I'd suggest a show made mostly of standup comedy magic or maybe one with a single large illusion to end the show. If there is more space we can bring a few more of the larger tricks. For larger rooms, I highly recommend setting up a stage as this insures that everyone will be able to see the show properly. The standard stage size for the big show is 12 feet by 16 feet, larger is better, but I can also scale the show to fit on something smaller. If the show is for families, I recommend leaving a space in front of the stage for children, they usually like to be close to the action.

The following are some possible room layouts...

Large Room

Typically convention rooms are long and narrow. This can present a problem for guests who are seated far to the sides of the room. If you need to place guests off to the side of the stage area, I suggest leaving an open space to the rear of the tables. If someone has a hard time seeing all the details they may simply move their chair to the open area for a better view.

Large Room

Small Room

The following photo shows a possible layout for a medium sized show without a stage.
There are three large illusions that can be seen well by an audience of up to about 200 people.

For more information please give me a call at (801) 898-9624

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