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I apologize for not having more information here yet. However, I do have one of the best birthday shows in Utah. I performed my first birthday show over 15 years ago and since then have literally done thousands of birthday parties and other children's shows. I really love performing for children, and think this is one of the best jobs on the planet!

Here are some of the details about my birthday show. The usual show is 45 minutes long and is very fast paced. I don't want any wandering attention spans during the show. My material includes magic, comedy, balloon art and juggling. I involve the birthday child quite a bit and my trademark style is to make the birthday child do a better magical job than the magician. It's really funny and the kids love to be one up on the magician. I have carefully designed the show to be quick to set up and very portable so I can perform it in any location that will fit all the kids. After the show I also like to blow up balloon animals for all the kids.

I also have some extra options available, for an extra fee there are magic tricks as party favors. I can bring an illusion where I levitate the birthday child (a great photo opportunity). And if you really insist I also have live animals, doves and a rabbit. I usually prefer not to bring a live animal as I feel that a lot of traveling is a little rough on them. And, my regular show material is so strong that I don't need any gimmicks!

If you would like some more information on how I can make your child's birthday memorable and magical please don't hesitate to contact me.

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